Turbat University: Nawaz Nigwari

Turbat university is one of the most popular educational institutes which is situated in Turbat, the second largest city of Balochistan. It has opened its all doors for the students who come from different areas of Balochistan such as, Pasni, Gwadar, Ormara, Bal Nigwar, Dasht, Mand, Tump, Awaran, Mashkay, Bulida, Panjgur etc. They come for availing education to build their future in a positive way and to become the builder of the nation.

There are approximately 3000 students enrolled in different departments such as,Balochi literature, English literature, Computer science, Management science, LLB , chemistry, Botany, History, Sociology and Commerce. But they are facing some problems which have nipped their true dreams, wishes in the bud and there is only one cafeteria which does not provide proper food. Due to lack of food and the students are prone to disastrous diseases such as: diarrhoea, hepatitis, malaria, blood pressure and so on. On the other hand there is lack of stationary shops within the university where the students face many problems while they have to fetch something or do an assignment.

As a result there should be more and more stationary shops. In other words, University has only one ambulance and its driver is not present whenever someone feels ill and take him to the hospital Therefore, It is requested to the concern authority to take a solid action to solve these issues as soon as possible.



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