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A Doll’s House: Hazaran Baloch

A doll’s house is a classical fiction Drama by Norwegian Playwright Henrik Ibsen. The play was written in the 19th-century Victorian period, Played on stage in 1879, and had been translated into several languages. It is one of the most performed stage plays in the World and has also been adapted for film.

It was written by renowned Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. He was born on March 20, 1828 in Skien, Norway. And died on May 23, 1906 in Oslo. His notable works consists of “A Doll’s House, Hedda Gabler, When We Dead Awaken,The Wild Duck and many others. He is also known as the father of “Realism”.

Ibsen introduced the theme of realism in “A doll’s house”. In the Victorian Era, the class system had emerged. People of the Elite class were dominant. Therefore the “Realism movement started. In this period the subject matter of literature was humanity. The lives of common people, the conditions under which life is lived, and the complexities of human life. His play has criticized the 19th-century marriage norms. It has aroused controversy of women’s identities, in the males dominated society of that time. And real life conditions of women in the 19th century under the dominance of Men.

The play concludes with the protagonist Noora, the wife of Torvald. Who in the end realizes that she and Torvald have deceived each other consciously and subconsciously. She acknowledges her needs for her opinions in a relationship and her need for individual freedom. And she leaves her children and husband to discover herself which she has lost in the process of being a daughter and then a wife.

In the play, Nora realizes how she was used as a doll by her father and then by her husband, and because of those two men, she made nothing of her own life. Because she acted the way they wanted her to and she had existed merely to perform tricks for them like a doll.

Ibsen was inspired by the belief that a woman can not be herself in modern society since it’s an exclusively male society with laws made by men and with prosecutors and judges who assess feminine conduct from a masculine standpoint. His above statement shows his ideas regarding women’s rights but he has denounced being a feminist rather than being called a humanist.

A doll’s house has revealed the lives of a woman in a patriarchal society where she doesn’t live but exists only. Though doll’s house depicted the 19th-century norms however, until today such norms have taken deep roots. Women are still bounded and deprived of the right of living, choices, opinions, and freedom.



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