Importance of one’s native Language: Aslam Shah

It goes without saying that a language stands for communicating and making relationship with each other. Today is 21st February, and it is widely acclaimed World’s Language Day. This day is internationally celebrated to pay tribute and importance to the languages of the world.

However, when we have a glance of this day in our country and province we couldn’t see anything worthy of mentioning because none of us is aware of our languages and none of us even have a bit of understanding on the role and value of one’s language. In other words, it is worthy of mentioning that many of the nations in the global village have been completely sabotaged and there is no signs of them just because of not paying any attention towards their languages.

To put it another way, the same is going on in our own Province Balochistan where there is no concept of showing any value to our native language “Balochi” whereas in the rest of other provinces their natives languages are not only taught but also are made compulsory for each students and in addition to it, in case, a student fails in his or her native languages they are not handed their degrees over to them unless they pass it. Unfortunately, it is very different in Balochistan here you are not only given the right to not to study and speak your own native language in the institutions but also you are taken aback, kidnapped and abducted whenever you would strive for the betterment of your language.

Now is the time for the youngsters to begin studying, learning, struggling, and working for bringing a gigantic change and betterment on the role and value of one’s native language.
In fine, it should be a must responsibility for every individual to pay his or her due role in the field of bringing a great revolution in taking one’s language to the mountain top.



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