Economic issues in Balochistan: Murad Hasil

Balochistan is a province of Pakistan which occupies 44% land of Pakistan by 3,47,190 KM². The Balochistan is the richest province in term of economic sources. unfortunately, Balochistan is dragged on the red line as a poorest territory in the world due to misappropriation utilization of resources.

Balochistan is such a province which is notoriously famed by scarcity of job opportunity, worse infrastructure, electricity problem, water scarcity, gase scarcity, low literacy rate, ignorance and backwardness, marginalized societies.

If we cost a glance on economic paradigm, we see Balochistan, blessed by natural resources such as Gold, Silvers, iron, copper, fuel, oil and agriculture which is ahead than the most resourceful state Dubai in term of economy but the raise up is to manufacture the economic boosting resources appropriately, as a consequence, it boosts up GDP and GNP, it effectively on the hand covers all the public aspects such as health, education, ground infrastructure, agriculture and so on. And on the other hand, it provides both, domestic and foreign job opportunities.

To be very much indulged with this concern, such dilemmas are faced due to strong political leadership, political polices, economic policies, implementation of economic theories, lack of socio-economic understanding, lack of manufacturing tools and institutions.

If we utilize these limitless economical boost ups, we will see the Balochistan of development and Lightening, we will see the Balochistan of future-arise, we will see the Balochistan of rich province (which is nowadays the poorest province). Balochistan needs such eco-political policies to generate the phase of enlightenment in every aspects.



  1. I would like to ask the editor to look the mistakes in the writings of students, especially, placing “adjectives, adverbs and use of articles”, i have read most of the writings comprising grammatical errors.


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