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The journey goes on: Shubeen Fida

Once upon a time, there lived a boy. He loved traveling by train and bus. One day, when he was going to market, he saw a train. He wanted to travel by the train at that very moment because he was confronting his dream which he did not want to miss. So, he stood beside the train for couple of minutes and took a ticket from counter.

When the train got started, he got into the train. He was shocked to see different people inside the train. When he entered into his box, he met with a strange man. The man looked at him for some seconds and asked, “Where do you want to go, son?”

The boy replied, “I want to travel all around the world,” the boy paused for a second and said. “China, America, Japan, Germany and so many other countries.”

The man responded with light expressions, “Then you are in the right train, because this train visits all the world.”

When station came, the man got up and came down. Now, the boy was alone in the box – nevertheless, alone in the train. Suddenly, the boy thought as to how his family would be, as he had not informed them and began his journey. Unalike suspicions covered his mind; how would my mother be? Will she have told police that I was lost? Will police be finding me?

The given thoughts made him tensed. He wanted to go back to his home. When he looked out from the window, he saw the tower which was near his home. He got happy. He came down when the tower had reached. While coming down, he said looking at the train, “I will come again. My journey is still on.”




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