The Land of Miseries: Nizam Baloch

In a land of extensive miseries and human sufferings, breathing comfortably and living a calm life is an absolutely labyrinthine task. However, there exists some nations which barely know the word kneeling down before circumstances.

Similarly, there lies a land where the sun of agony is not seasonal; it exists all the months, years and even decades. The aged mothers, blowing their final breaths, are on the roads and chowks for their loved-ones. Crossing all the barriers, limits and walls, they are on the boats for demanding justice in a realm of brutalities, injustice and killings. Yet the intensity of determination and struggle is as strong as a the mountains of Chiltan.

They live in a land where people born to suffer and suffer until their last breath. But, for them, the spiritual love to the motherland is more than any other thing. Everyday, with the rise of sun, a new, in fact, a hard challenge comes on their path. Still the younger ones get courage valiantness seeing their mothers and sisters so confident and energetic to continue the sail of hardships and difficulties.

The scenery of this land, though by appearance brimful of thousands of incomplete stories, the struggle of aged mothers sustain and balance life on this piece of Earth. The mothers languish hard enough in front of the their heart-whrenghing stories and pain from dawn to dusk. Yet they never surrender nor kneel down before the brutalities and injustices. This continues to be the supreme quality of their land for centuries.

Confronting the incomplete and grieved memories of their sons, husbands and relatives, the adament mothers have become stronger and energized. These mothers put themselves in journey in order to lamp up the light of struggle and determination for their people. And, they endeavor to give the sleeping souls of their “Gulzameen” to live. For them happiness and comforts of life are things of an other planet. Here mothers spend their lives in the memories of their precious gems who are being made disappeared in very juvenile ages.

Here mothers painfully hold patience in their adamant hearts for the return of their sons. Such days too descend upon their lives when pain reaches to its extreme point. In the same time, their bravery, love of resistance and enlightening struggle gets deep in grounds.

No matter, they are being suppressed and downtrodden at every single point, their unflinching and unbending wills light up life in this piece of land. However, things are getting unbearable and intolerable with each passing day; similarly, they are too getting strong because the genes of non-stop struggle and eternal struggle lives in them. Given their historical struggle, it seems how deep miseries become, they too adopt a strengthened and more determined path.



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