Plastic pollution and its impacts marine life in Pakistan: Onais Rahim

Plastic pollution is simply unwanted substance which leads to aquatic life, which is caused by plastic waste, it puts major impacts on marine life, In the recent research about the global issues, plastic pollution is in top rank which can disturb land as well as aquatic life, plastic waste causes the several deaths of mammals which are rare and also damage the ecosystem which is the source of food chain in natural environment.

In Pakistan, overall, the coastline is not urban or civilized but, in these days, it is also disturbed by plastic pollution in different level, further, Karachi ports and its coastlines are completely spoiled due to mismanagement which are connected to all over sewage lines toward the sea, as a result, the sewage waste which have the high amount of plastic waste which are thrown by people and municipal community rather dumping them, as a result, these would mix with sea water while creating plastic pollution in ocean which become threat to aquatic life.

According to some estimations, around 6.4 million tons of dumped trash, which mostly contained plastic in the world’s oceans every year. Around 90% of sea birds use plastic as feed. Fish and other animals are in danger when they consume micro plastic while entangling in their throat. Additionally, Plastic pollution causes major impact on aquatic life through several ways, such as death of mammals and sea birds who eat toxic fishes which are poisoned by plastic waste, nevertheless, They do not recognize micro plastic while eating micro fishes which is the prime reason of their death. Adding more that, Toxic plastic pollution is travelling within the food chain.

Furthermore, Chemicals are collected in micro plastics, which is eaten by fish, birds, seals and human.
According to google, 80% of ocean pollution are affected by several types of plastic litter because of human activities, and will not be decomposed by the natural environment while remaining same in 100 or 200 years’ latter.
In the recent survey, I was asked to a research associate of WWF, who was working for last two years in Jiwani, Gwadar, Balochistan, he said that he found two green turtle and one other rare mammals of marine dead, the reason entangled with ghost fishing gears.

These activities are increasing rapidly in coastline of Pakistan in which the public should be guided and aware to take care of the sanitation in bringing a clean and neat environment. Pakistan has been experiencing the plastic pollution threats for decades which will be critical, if government will not take action or make policy appropriately to control the concern.




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