The Wait!: Ali Jan Maqsood

He always teased me that one day he would go very far from me. He also warned me to love him as much as I could bear the burdens of his departure after he is gone afar. Everyday, I fought with him over his silly words. His response was only a ‘smile’ on his lips, which I loved the most.

One day, when I returned back to my home after spending my day with him, I felt something odd growing deep inside me. I was missing him so strangely. I took my cellphone and called him, but his phone was switched off. I got more tensed.

When I came out of my room, a news had already spread that he was abducted. After hearing this worst news, I felt earth had disappeared beyond my feet. It was not less than the Day of Judgement for me. It appeared that all the worries and pains had been loaded on my weak shoulders. I was lost amidst the tears of agony of losing him in a blink of eyes.

Life and destiny again took me to the Graveyard which he introduced to me – the one which was out of our town in the jungle near the tall mountain; the one which had so many tall trees inside it and people less wandered in the given area in an unknown fear of ghosts. He was beyond this fear. Nonetheless, his courage encouraged me, too.

He usually illustrated to me how he had created a strong bond with the Graveyard and hence would always be available here if nowhere. And today marks his tenth year of disappearance. In each of the following ten years, I did not miss a single day in which I have not waited for him in the same Graveyard. I still walk to the Graveyard in the only hope that may he come someday – literally, may be someday.




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