Feminism in real: Nabeela Mehrab

Feminism, a phase of different waves which forms revolution. Namely, it has four different waves in the world emerging from the 1848s till the present era. It includes female rights to vote, contribute to political, economical, and social matters equally, and freedom from a patriarchal society. It began from the west but its influences reached Pakistan in 2008, when abuses, sexual harassment, and gender discrimination grabbed the women. The oppressed females burst on social media through the #MeToo movement.

Their hashtags regenerated intersectionality (any female can participate apart from their color, nationhood, or sexuality) in society. Owing to this campaign several females got relief from misogynists. But the picture is reversed in developing countries like Pakistan. In the year 2020 on the 8th march rallies of females went through hazardous hatred by extremists of society. They mainly rejected the controversial slogan “Mera jism mere marzi”(my body, my choice).

There were several debates on it. Many campaigns opposed this movement. Right after the March, Sadaf Zahra Naqui, a young champion of women’s rights, was killed by her husband. According to domestic violence reports, Pakistan has been ranked the 6th most dangerous country for women with 90% of domestic violence which includes, physical and sexual abuse. According to a report in dawn September 7, 2020, the human rights commission asserted that each year 1,000 females get killed in the name of honor killing in Sindh.

Not only in Sindh, but the case of motorway highway on 9 September and there are also numerous such unnamed cases in Pakistan. The sexual abuse is not bound to females but small children are also a victim of it. Now and then a new case introduces in the list. Not only Panjab, Sindh, and KPK face rape menace Balochistan also goes through it. Some weeks before in the second largest city of Balochistan in Turbat three rape cases have been reported from a village. Families hesitate to report such cases because they think their honor will be smeared. But has anyone thought about what has gone through to the victim?
Undoubtedly, these feminist waves brought a great revolution but it has zero implementation.

The one who are leading these rallies and campaigns they are also the victim of unjust at their homes. There would be a revolution in the real sense when law and order get active, the stakeholders remain accountable and people get sensible. When it comes to Pakistan, people only consider it a feminist society by some active activists but what about suffrage one? Will there be any change for them in real?



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