Aurat March and Baloch women’s rights: Najma Baloch

Aurat March is an annually held social and political demonstration that gets organized in numerous cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Sukkur, and other cities. The first Aurat March was held on 8 March in 2018 in Karachi. The purpose of conducting this March is for accountability of violence against women and to mount for women who sustain foul play and being assaulted at hands of their opposite gender.

Women of Pakistan are also going to hold Aurat March for women’s rights. Furthermore, the interrogative is that what about Baloch women? Don’t they possess authentics who are suffering various problems for their families? Where are their rights? They are also women. If women can demonstrate their voice for dressing, equality, harassing, and mistreating the women then why can’t they raise their voices for Baloch women. Torturing and misbehaving is becoming ordinary with Baloch women. Everyone is observing what are they growing through. Unfortunately, their sufferings are not recognized through the Aurat March campaign which claims to be the voice of a pathetic woman.

In my point of view, everyone should raise their voices for Baloch women in this Aurat March. They should demonstrate for Baloch women who also belong to our country. Moreover, if every woman speaks about Baloch women, maybe it will help in releasing their pain. So please don’t forget Baloch women’s authenticity. It is for all my fellow women who are going to participate in the upcoming Aurat March.



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