The real role of teachers: Iqra Imtiaz

Teachers have a great role in student’s success but, unfortunately, in our society, most of the teachers themselves are a cause of the destruction of student’s lives in several ways.

Firstly, the majority of the primary and secondary teachers in our society are not highly qualified and well-trained. If anyone of them is qualified; hence, that is just in form of paper. If the teachers who are named as the builders of a nation are not well qualified, so how can they be a role models for the students.

Secondly, the teachers are not punctual by themselves how can they teach students to be punctual in life. Absenteeism not attending the classes wastes the time of the students.

Lastly, nowadays teachers neither teach for the betterment of the nation not for the bright future of students, but just for earning money by their progression. They get and, regretfully, without any check and balance they are given their salaries and this makes them more inattentive towards the students’ studies.

Consequently, they just come, sit, and take their pay and are glad for it.
If this remains the same, our society is never going to develop. The teachers are requested to be more careful because it is not just about a single student but it is going to affect the entire nation.



  1. Well done, but you only tell the black side of story that is incompetency and incapability of teachers, but what about those teachers who produced doctors, engineers, scholars , artist,intelligentsia etc. Most of the teachers in BALOCHISTAN are competent and qualified .
    This is unfair.


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