Major problems facing by Gwadar: Rahim Baloch

While China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has been welcomed with the open arms, multiple issues can’t be neglected being faced by the people of Gwadar. However, playing out its materialization as Gwadar is connected to the new Silk Road, the region has become a gateway for exploration of new markets and opportunities in the province.

Gwadar is key to the development of the project; yet, it is neglected and facing major problems such as water scarcity, electricity crisis, vulnerable education system, and so on. On the other aspect, one of the most important steps in establishing Gwadar as a significant port involves the development of the residential part despite these all still the people of Gwadar are deprived of the required facilities.

First, water scarcity is one of the major problems for the residents in the city as people have no access to clean water and a tanker costs them about 2500 to 3000 hundred and people are required to buy it. Apart from that, on June 16, former Provincial Minister for ( Public Health and engineering) Mir Naveed Baloch shared some glimpse about a meeting he had with (GDP) and (PHE) to solve the water supply issues by connecting Sawad
Dam with the Gwadar city on his socializing platform Twitter. However, nothing has been done yet.

Secondly, the electricity crisis is another dilemma for residential where people are compelled to live in complete darkness given the fact that Gwadar city claims to be the brightest future of Balochistan. There are multiple hikes in electricity prices over the past few months because of the repeated devaluation of the Pakistani rupee which has fallen by 33% against the dollar since 2017. Nevertheless, during summer load-shedding of long hours create trouble for citizens.

Additionally, education plays a vital role in the development of a nation, but, unfortunately, in Gwadar education system is dilapidated.
Some schools have been established In the region, but quality education remains poor and below the standard.
Due to the bad education system, students in a large number are migrating to other cities.

Therefore, the government of Pakistan needs to give attention to the emerging issues from the city because the people of the city have been deprived of fundamentals rights and they are facing several problems. it is the responsibility of the Balochistan government to take solid steps regarding the issues and provide fundamentals amenities to the people.

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