Different realities: Shair Khan Baloch

Feudal political parties have indeed imposed the colonial system on uneducated women who became relentless because of the brutality against their wills, especially, in peripheral areas. Religious extremists have reconsidered thoughts over fascism and their religious fundamentalism has changed the shape of society. Thousands of women have been stoned to death, tortured, assaulted due to such colonial mindsets.

Also, the colonial geopolitical structure is that today religious extremists establishing different perspectives where people live with various beliefs, rituals, came to be extremists, and use different mythical practices. It is colonializing the minds of people and youth in the society and bringing nothing without new useless ideas.
it is said that in a peripheral area the colonial geopolitical structure never brings a change for uneducated women in which educated women have high values and more priorities. However, uneducated women have low expectations for their future and have less value in a peripheral area.

Educated women are those who have intellectual abilities and social skills. While uneducated women are those who don’t possess abilities for social skills, morals, and knowledge of schools and universities. For that, the same sexes have different thoughts and different values. They are known for the Same-sex but their abilities and capabilities put them in different sects.
Similarly, education can be a great way for women to bring change to their lives, as well as gaining knowledge, getting jobs, taking part in politics, raising voice against cruelty, bringing hope for tomorrow and for those women who are living in a society where every woman has been chained. Instead of giving birth to children, sewing clothes, and washing dishes, uneducated women are not supposed to do anything. Uneducated women are declared as servants of their rituals; as a result, the hope of a bright future for women is vanishing slowly and gradually.

Unfortunately, most uneducated women are following conservative traditions of the society, but the women who are known as educated have broken their tribal notions in the past for the sake of new lives and stood up for a better life so they have raised their heads with proud, where Uneducated women are declared dead by a male-dominated society.
Furthermore, Most of the women had graduated from different countries like America, Germany, Japan, and Europe. They have shown us the way to freedom where women can achieve everything she desires for.
If women get education, they will be able to understand things. For example, they will raise their voice against domestic violence, sexual abuse, and stand against injustices happening around them.

Furthermore, it can be complicated to understand basic religious beliefs, but one can feel the differences between an educated woman and an uneducated woman as they both play different roles in the same society. The doors of educational institutions have been blocked for women that’s why women are suffering much.

To sum up, it comes to mind that women are made of crooked concepts and they are supposed to stand up against religious extremists and acquire education so that they generate a bright future for the upcoming female generation.