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Metamorphosis: Muhammad Ishaq

The book ”Metamorphosis” is written by Franz Kafka, published in 1915, in the German language. The writer, Franz Kafka, is a German writer who was born in 1888. His way of writing is very critical and impartial and he is also the writer of Trial.

The book narrates a story of a boy who works as a salesman to feed his family and he is the only source of income for his family. He is well respected in his family while working and earning money, suddenly he gets disconnected towards work then everything falls apart.

The story begins when Greoger comes out of a terrible dream, he finds himself transformed into a small insect (vermin) in his bed. It was early in the morning almost 6 o’clock; he gets frightened and can not do anything. He just lays straight on his couch. After some minutes, his mother comes to the door and asks if he is ready for breakfast, he answers Yes to his mom, but could not get out of bed. He starts thinking about his boss that who will kick him out of his job. After a while, the assistant of the company comes and he asks him to come out of the room, so he barely manages to come out of bed and opens the door with his small feet; however, he feels pain while crawling. when the door opens, everyone finds him changed into a small insect, his family gets worried and the assistant goes back to work.

Meanwhile, he is kept in a room and feed food by his sister. His family is worried now about where they get money as his father has an inadequate income. They live in an apartment where they have to pay money for the rant. Over time, Groger loses his respect because no one expects anything from him now. His sister gets him food not on time and she pulls the door hard as if Groger is a burden on her. Every time the door of his room was closed, he could not see outside nor go outside.

On the contrary, everything in the house gets old or broken, they are kept in Groger’s room as if it is a storeroom. He even could not crawl due to dust and specks of dirt in his room. Besides, due to insufficient food, his body weakens day by day and his family doesn’t even visit him as if he is not part of the family.

One day Grate( his sister) closed the door half from that Groger peeps in the hall and he finds two strangers sitting in the hall and Grate is playing the violin. He crawls into the hall and comes to the eyes of the men. They get shocked and ask his father that why aren’t you informed that there is a small instinct in your apartment? His father calms them down and insults Groger for entering the hall. He crawls back to his room. After some days he does due to inadequate nutrition.

The book has a great example that people respect those who are rich, strong, and are useful for something even in loved ones. They close the door for those who are thought to be weak and give them no opportunity to actualize themselves.




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