Road of dead Bodies: Imran Nawab

The title looks like a Hollywood movie name but it is not. Somewhere on earth, there is a road recognized as the” road of dead bodies”. Neither it is because of any power of plague nor it is because of terrorists, thieves, and robbers. However, it is because of a highway with a single lane. A road that connects Balochistan to Sindh is still one way. Where daily, almost five or six accidents take place and push innocent souls towards death.

Undoubtedly, roads play a vital role in connecting different cities. They are the biggest sources of transportation and the convenient way to import and export goods within a country. A road that is a part of the Main R.C.D road is still one way from Karachi to Quetta. Due to this killer highway, people are losing their lives more in comparison to terrorist attacks across the province. An estimated four thousand people have succumbed to death in the accidents that occurred on this road.
This single-line highway almost connects ten major cities in Balochistan. Surprisingly 800 accidents were witnessed last year on this deadly road.

All in all, many promises have been made by the Government of Balochistan regarding the establishment of a dual carriage from Karachi to Quetta. Yet nothing has been done practically. At last, it is my humble request to the concerned authorities to build a dual carriage from Karachi to Quetta and save more lives from being the victim of it.




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