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Hasrat Sadiq; the young Baloch Poet in rise: Gulzar Baloch

Baloch society contains multiple talents who are most often unseen and ignored. They have their skills in almost every sphere of life. From literature to sports, education to skills, Baloch are naturally blessed with every taste. They are very less cited in emergence and opportunities which result in a rapid loss of the potentials. However, some go with their fields unless they make a name for themselves. One such is Hasrat Sadiq from Panjgur [but now residing in Hub Chowki].

Getting born in a Baloch family on January 25, 2000, he has made a great name for himself in the field of Balochi literature with his poetic skill. He has written a book of Balochi poetry named “Pesh Imam Tanha int” which was published in in 2020 [which is expected to come in print in sooner or later].

More importantly, Hasrat is lucky to have in his home Asim Baloch [a renowned Baloch singer] who is his elder brother. He has emerged under his guidance and entered into Balochi literature as a poet. He [Asim Baloch] has timely given his moral and other sorts of support to Hasrat in his emergence. In fact, he has made him met and had gatherings with different and famous Baloch poets as Mubarak Qazi, Manzoor Bismil, Meer Umar Meer, Muneer Momin and others who have benefited him a lot in his emergence.

Currently, Hasrat is enrolled in a 2-year livestock degree in Animal Science Institute, Quetta, and has passed his one year. After the program, he has made his mind to take admissions in Balochi Department to carry on his interest and render more services to Baloch, Balochi and Balochistan. He is also aspiring to give more of his collections to the Balochi literature, not only in poetries but in other fields where Balochi language needs promotion.

Balochistan is the hub of various talents. Sadly, they have less platforms to perform their skills and benefit Baloch and Balochi. Hasrat is inspired to continue his work for his nation and make a great name for him and, above all, his nation. The need of time for Baloch, Balochi and Balochistan is the need of more gems as Hasrat Sadiq so that we get to have more promotion of mother language. Balochistan needs serious concerns by the government(s).



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