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Why Does the Moon Look So Beautiful: Rahim Humraz Jathvi

Why does the moon look so beautiful” is a newly published book which has been translated by Fazal Baloch who is a Balochi writer and translator. He has translated several Balochi poets and he is considered to be a fiction writer in English. Moreover, he has translated multiple books into English, and recently, he has translated Munir Ahmed Badini’s short story under the title ”God and the Blind Man.” However, the book “why does the Moon looks so beautiful “ is a collection of short stories and it is interesting and an informative book because it has been occupied with thirty thrilling stories. Each story conveys a different message to the readers. Namely, stories are: The Sticker, The Baby, Why Does the Moon Look So Beautiful, and many more.

On the other hand, these stories have been written by Naguman who is a well-known author and his write-ups have been admired by readers in every corner of the world. Previously his fiction storybook with the collection of various stories “Dar at Aps” (The wooden Horse) has been published.
Additionally, this book covers a significant logic behind each story and each story gives readers a great lesson; particularly, the story “Why Does the Moon Look So Beautiful” touched me deeply. After reading it, I was impressed to a great extent. Apart from that, the story taught me a powerful message too.

The story starts when the two main characters of the story welcome their new baby boy Salaam on their wedding anniversary day.
Over time, Salaam reaches the age of five. His parents adore him very much as like their other children. However, Salaam never laughs and this became a point of grief for his parents. One day they take him to a doctor, yet he remains the same as before. Since his father loves the moon and the moonlight, so one-night darkness spreads on the sky and only the light of the Moon remains.

Salaam asks his mother why does the Moon Look So Beautiful then instead of his mother’s his father replies that I will tell you if you smile for once. Salaam becomes silent again and gets lost in deep thoughts. This story tries to show its reader that people do not value those things which they hold, but value more those things which they can not achieve and it is a real fact.

I recommend every soul to read this exhilarating book because this is not a book with only stories rather a book with numerous messages which are significant for the readers. Something I learned from this book is that it is important to focus on those things which can provide us benefits rather than those which can lead to many disastrous.

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