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Cry of a girl: Waheed Wahid

It was a cold winter night and I was sitting alone on my bed as well as reading the outstanding translation of Fazal Baloch’s” Why does the moon look so beautiful?” After a while, I received a text from an unknown number written: “call me”. I started guessing who could be this person texting me so late in the night but couldn’t figure out. After that, I called on that number and listened to a very smooth voice of a girl who introduced herself briefly and then started telling me the purpose for which she had called me.
”Waheed, you may be informed about my marriage which has been fixed with a man who neither I love nor I like.

I am being forced by my parents and siblings to accept the proposal of my cousin. if I deny it, it will hurt the honor of my family. My dreams have been snatched by me and my tongue too has been sealed off that I couldn’t speak against the worthless traditions which have been deeply grown in our society.”

What if you convince my parents and siblings to call off this marriage?”, she asked me mournfully.
“Why didn’t you deny then?”, I asked her despite giving her any answer.
“I did, but my elder brother threaten me saying that he would either kill himself or take me out of the home if I deny the proposal? Now, you should tell me how a sister wants that her brother suicide because of her? It is a bitter fact that girls still today have no sovereignty to decide and do what they believe is good for them. Their desires, likes, and dislikes, all are under the control of a male-dominated society.

We, the females of rural areas are yet considered to be inferior to men. Despite being treated equally, we are deprived of our fundamental rights”, she expressed miserably as if she had lost her parents.
“I will speak about this long-standing problem being faced by our society. It is not only you, sister suffering from the baseless customs, but numerous girls have been victimized of such stereotypical norms such as child marriage, forced marriage, arranged marriage, and so on”,
I consoled her and then disconnected the call.

The writer studies English Literature at the University of Turbat



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