A School In Dilemmas: Nawaz Nigwari

It is said that education is considered the basic need of every individual in any society. So as it is in Pakistan [Article 25 A ensures it to the citizens of Pakistan]. It became an initiative necessity for this era to get to an education. However, the residents of Bal Nigwar have been deprived from a well equipped platform to continue their education in a better way.

On a similar account, Government Boys High School [Bal Nigwar] is one of the most famous schools where almost 550 students are enrolled who come from various places of Bal Nigwar like Hochat, Drachkoh, Sorik, Kapkapar, Dizdir Kocha, Kaleero Machi Chaman, and other areas.
Sadly, the students have been facing multiple issues in the school, such as no clean water, no electricity, lack of furniture, no science laboratory and so on.

However, the most important and essential need is of teachers in the school without whom facilities are of no use. Approximately, 8 teachers are missing everyday in school due to which students of different classes are merged into one class. In fact, sometimes the other present teachers cannot attend the classes due to “overloaded” classes.

Once the students of Bal Nigwar emphasized that they have a building of school with beautiful colors but it cannot teach them. They demanded and asked the authorities for giving them teachers, which is still a dilemma in the school.

Most saddening of all the grievances, the students demand to the government of Balochistan the safe release of Rafeeq Oman [one of the most inspirational teachers in the school who never gave up on his duty] who was abducted some seven years earlier in 2014. He is a prominent Balochi singer too.

Hence, the students ask the competitive authorities to sort out the given queries of the students and facilitate them as soon as possible. Above all, the government of Balochistan must perform their best to recover Rafeeq Oman Baloch.

The writer is a student of University of Turbat.