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Success Acceleration: Hani Zahir

Success Acceleration a masterpiece by
Tony Jeary who is an author, the founder of High-Performance Resources, an international presenter, and a strategic planning firm. In addition to that, he is a successful businessman who owns and operates more than thirty different companies. He believes that success starts at home when he sees his supportive, caring, and helper family’s role in his journey towards success.

Success is accelerated by four key elements such as mental focus, foundations, strategies, and tactics. It is the process that will be achieved if we desire to achieve it. Having a mindset is good but being mentally focused to get the track on that mindset helps to work harder and boost up self-confidence. Creating a well-managed life and a belief window in foundations can accelerate our decisions and our life towards success easily.

The strategies that we have set for success must have a well-settled goal. Having a goal can make one more concentrated to be successful. I got interested in success when I set a goal and tried to follow its tactics. I motivated myself a lot to be successful and whenever I collapsed, I always used to repeat the words ” you can do it “. This helped me out to overcome failure. Additionally, I learned the most important part of success when I saw people who struggled tirelessly and emerged as winners at the last.

It is very hard to define the writer’s words in this book. It’s worth reading and I recommend this book to all readers; especially, to those who are afraid of failure and want to be motivated more towards success. The success acceleration was the book that motivated me a lot.