Threats to Marine Life: Onais Rahim

The length of the Balochistan coastal line is about 750 km which starts from Jiwani (A tehsil of district Gwadar) to Gadani (A Tehsil of Lasbela district). Approximately, 85% of the coastal residence rely on marine resources. Furthermore, the extraordinary traveling of ships has been enhanced to supply goods and services from Iran to Pakistan; as a result, it is disturbing marine organisms by generating intolerable sounds and releasing a large amount of diesel and oil into the water. As a result, marine species start migrating from one area to the other.

Moreover, marine habitats will not grow up naturally due to the loud noise and exhausting fumes from the traveling ships. As loud sounds are irritating signs for the survival of fishes. This merely occurs on the border of (Jiwani to Gwadar city) and the disturbance is constant for 24 hours. when I visit these beaches, I realize that the breeding rate of green turtle has been diminished. According to several investigations from the local fishing communities, who are living by the seashore from different beach areas like Daran, Ganz, Pishukan, and Gwadar city, the green turtle needs a silent and clean environment to continue its breeding. Unfortunately, the concerned authorities are not interested in enforcing strict rules and regulations to secure their lifestyles.
The major threat to marine life is trolling mafias which are devastating their habitats and spoiling their generations. To be specific, the area that the government provided for the trolling mafias is 12 nautical miles far away from the coast in the deep sea; nonetheless, they illegally trap more and more fishes including small and large ones. Additionally, they begin fishing only one mile away from the coast towards the deep sea and catch all the small growing fishes.

According to fishermen, some fishes are extinct which used to exist for some years back and some are endangered. They further told that fishes will not only be abolished all over the ocean but, also many of them will migrate to another sea to be safe.

In last, there should be a systematic channel to maintain check and balance to every concern issue. The government should strengthen its policies to protect the lives of marine life. Also, people should be careful and reduce the utilization of micro fishing nets and have to provide a peaceful environment during their breeding. Moreover, the government must conduct awareness campaigns about marine life and its importance more often.