LUAWMS Needs Attention: Shamim Arz

Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences (LUAWMS), located in the historic and magnificent district Lasbela in Balochistan province of Pakistan. Which is known as one of the best universities in Balochistan. But woefully there are some major issues like , electricity shortage , water scarcity , lack of good Internet fasclities and most importantly shortage of hostels.

It is a matter of disgrace that the one and only LUAWMS in Uthal doesn’t have enough hostels for the countless students who are facing problems of residence. They have given admission to the number of students but they are unable to provide them hostels.

Secondly, they had been facing shortage of potable water. Students from across the cities stay at their but they do not have any proper facility for drinking water.
The impure water being provided to them causes diseases.

Although LUAWMS is sole university of Uthal it doesn’t have reliable internet facilities. The students and almost everyone is affected by the poor working of the internet system. The entire world is reaching new heights of development. But in Pakistan, cities do not have internet access.

Moreover, There is no proper schedule for electricity owing to which the students are terribly stressed. Moreover, the loadshedding hours exceed from 7 to 8 hours each day and sometimes 3 to 4 days . The students face trouble during the working hours as a result they get distracted badly and find it hard to bear the blazing weather. Furthermore, during Covid-19 HEC has announced that 30% of the fee should be reduced but the university has taken total fee and this time also demanding the total fee.

Simultaneously, the administration of LUAMS is requested to look into this menace seriously as it is their moral and legal duty. If they do not look into the grievances, who else will?

The writer is a student At LUAWMS