Successful Book Fair in S.I.T: Zaiwer Baqi Sajidi

On Monday 29th march, a event was held by students of school of intensive teaching (SIT) which included book fair, talent and art exhibition. And it was the first time that a book fair was held in S.I.T. However, the event was organized by Sir Zohaib who is one of the greatest teachers of SIT.

Moreover, a room was decorated for students to broadcast their talents in front of the audience and whoever performed well was awarded with gifts. In addition to that, there was an other decorated room where very talented students’ aesthetic art, drawing and sketching were placed which were highly appreciated by visitors.

Last but not least, in the hall there was a outstanding decoration for book faire that was the most important parts of the event because “A student is nothing without books” a great deal of students bought their favorite books.

Gratefully, it was a successful event by team B&T’21. Which will remain a memorable day for SIT.
Hope! Such events will be organized in future too to promote the students as well as society towards learning.



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