No sports in Balochistan: Laal Muhammad

Sport enumerates among those resources which play a significant role in the progress of a country. Although Balochistan has been blessed with a plethora of talented gems, yet no attention is being paid to sports promotion within the province.

Moreover, the province has an exceptionally rich history in sports. If one has a glance at the past when the British ruled the subcontinent. The province has produced many gems in sport; for example, Qayyum Changezi, Juma Khan, and Abdul Sattar. Nonetheless, many people from Balochistan use to display different skills in different fields of sport. In squash, the province gave birth to a world-class player “Hidayat Jahan”. If one talks about boxing, the province has also brought out the most dynamic Syed Ibrar Hussain Shah. Despite have a strong history in the sport, the promotion of sport is being completely neglected by authorities.

Also, there are only two cricket stadiums in the province on the whole. Hosting International games is something that shapes a positive image of any region; unfortunately, there are not such facilitated sports venues in Balochistan where even domestic tournaments can be conducted. Such deprivation creates a pathetic picture of the sport in the province.



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