Craft In Balochistan: Janshair Ameer

Balochistan is a well-known province of Pakistan for the potential it carries in handicrafts where people are highly rich in creating different types of handcraft.
More importantly, the tradition of making sheen handicrafts has begun before many years, and still, it is in process. The beautiful handicrafts of Balochistan are being exported to foreign countries and getting immense appreciation there too.

The aspect that makes the handicrafts of Balochistan more attractive and famous is that they are highly rich in colors. Moreover, they are mostly done by women. It is also a great opportunity for them to help their families financially.
Most of the parents educating their children from the money they earn by handcrafting Furthermore, it is also a source of earning a living for privileged civilians.

Undoubtedly, Baloch people are rich with many kinds of handcraft; unfortunately, there is no place such as academies for the promotion of this talent. Here a big question arises for the local government that what is he doing to cultivate this existing talent among the people.
Thus, the support of the Government for the promotion of craft is the need to the hour.

The writer belongs to HOPELA Academy  Kech. He can be reached at Janshairameer.me@gmail.com



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