B&T’21: A Creative Initiative For The Youth: Bakhtawar Rakshani

It can not be denied that a society will always remain under the shades of darkness until it is unfamiliar with the potential that exists around it. However, the case is not far different for the people of Hub city which is the biggest industrial zone within Balochistan and contributes immensely to the economic sector of the country, but something that people rarely know is that the city carries an immensely talented youth whose passion for books and art is highly appreciable that can been seen in the recent event B&T’21 (Books And Talent’21).

To burn this enthusiasm a little more, an informative exhibition “Books And Talent” has been organized by the School of Intensive Teaching (A private language institution within the city) which aim was to promote reading and art culture among the youngsters; additionally, it took a step forward to bring hidden talents of the students.

Basically, it was a project work which was given to the students of level 05 (boys class) by their teacher Zohaib Ahmed who is one of the most senior faculty members of the institution and is always willing to bring such great initiatives for his students. The exhibition was conducted on the 29th of March within the institution where a large number of students paid a visit to it. Moreover, the event has based on three different parts. The first part was a book fair where hundreds of books were placed for visitors at very manageable prices. The second belonged to art exhibition and paintings of several talented students were placed for display. The last part was organized for the visitors to come and demonstrate their talent. Many of the students got rewards for entertaining the audience with their skills of, poetry, playing different games and so on.

According to the organizer of the event, Mr. Zohaib Ahmed, the purpose of giving this project to the students was to polish their managing skills, boost their confidence level, and more importantly to create a healthy environment for the students who own great affection for books and art. Further, he added that bringing such projects for students makes them active and passive towards studies and they can retain more and more by such activities.

I, personally attended the event and served as a volunteer. Undoubtedly, I loved it all the way. The way it has been organized and managed is something highly appreciable. Male and female students were serving the visitors throughout the event. Everyone was impressed by their services and management.

There is a dire need for such illuminating events within the educational institutions so that students can acquire skills of management, organizing, and leadership. Unfortunately, one can rarely find such sort of events in our schools and colleges due to which students feel no excitement towards studies. However, apart from homework, they must be given such tasks; for instance, organizing an exhibition or conducting a seminar on their own so that they can earn experiences throughout the journey.

To sum up, we admire the efforts of those students who worked untiredly hard for this event and set an example for other institutions as well. Moreover, we appreciate the idea of the organizer Mr. Zohaib Ahmed who is on the way to bring a positive change in our conservative society. We hope that there will be more productive events like this in the future and our best wishes are with him.



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