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Lack of Unity:.Amjad Ali Baloch

Unity and discord both can make and  can break a nation.  Especially for the baloch community being united is mondatory alas, Baloch are wielding axes on their own feet .
Gone are the days when we used to have our own Balochistan. In contrary now we are deprived from our fundamental rights. Why we are deprived? The only answer is that the lack of unity. If today we see our natural resources being occupied we are supposed to be united. Measuring the largest province in the country geographically, comprises various tribes. If they are united and brought to a single platform no one dares to commit any illegal action.  Being are motherland we must be passionate about it and it’s people.  We are being deprived of our resources and in this country everyone himself has to fight for his rights.  Simultaneously, inside Balochistan, Baloch are longing for jobs,employees from other provinces are hired for the posts of Balochistan.  The Baloch want their rights, but they are not in state of unity supporting each other must be the first priority.
 Why other people get jobs in Balochistan? Why its own residents are compelled to commit crime. The only source of earning is supplying Iranian diesel in Pakistan where half of the population of the province mostly belonging to deserved families address thier daily requirements which has now been banned by the provincial government.
Nothing the government is doing because  we are not ready to be united. Even our rulers do not support us. We must strive for unity. So, that no one else would dare to rule over us . Remember that the solution of all the oppression of the Baloch is unity and solidarity. This long standing issue needs solvation otherwise it may vary to some extent. I humbly request to concerned authorities to look after the interest of people.