Effects of playing video games: Rasheeda Karim

In my opinion, video games are harmful to young people.
Firstly, playing video games can cause changes in the behavior of young people. It makes young people less sensitive to violence in the real world. These games show it fun to beat, shoot and kill someone. Playing video games may increase the risk of aggression in players. Moreover, it’s a fact that many of the students can not perform well in their studies due to playing video frequently. Video games have become an incredibly popular and pervasive form of entertainment.

Video games’ usage has increased steadily over time and today 8 out of 10 Pakistani children and teenagers are indulged in playing video games.
On average, youth play video games for two hours a day. However, a significant percentage of males report playing 4 hours a day or more than that.
Another research suggests that boys are more likely to use violent video games and play more than girls. It’s become normal that often parents found their children mentally disturbed and worried because of the impact of violent video games.

However, there are some advantages of playing video games for kids and adults which include healthy brain stimulation, development of solving problem skills, and stress relief.

For example, Video games can improve manual dexterity.
Controller-based games can be great for hands. In addition, some researches show that those who play games are faster and active than those who didn’t. Video games players can train their brain to find smaller details turned out to be important
Over decades, video games were used to play in therapy too. Video games inspire people to be more persistent and they keep trying and learning from their mistakes.