Neglected School: Farah Naz Baloch

It is said that education is the fundamental right of every human being living in any
country of the world. The education system in the world is progressing rapidly with different
functional and technological means. However, quality education is a far-reaching fact in such areas where structural challenges have affected the lives of children.

This is story is about the primary school located in Ameerabad khudabadan Panjgur. There is no proper building available except a single room and a single teacher for all the students studying there whether they are studying in class 1, 2,3,4, or 5 five.

The condition of the room is very fragile.
One or the other day the single room is going to collapse and the students will have no other room to sit in and study. The door and windows are in such a condition that they cannot be opened or fully closed due to which dust enters the room frequently and affects the health of the students.

The lack of teachers is a huge issue in this school. There is only one female teacher
available in the school for the last 8 years. It is very difficult for her to manage the school alone. Whenever she goes on leave, the whole school remains close. When she was asked that why she does not complain to the Government. she said, “she has been complaining about the last
5 to 6 years but nobody pays attention and gets involved in the matter. Therefore, the lack of government attention has affected the lives of children.

Similarly, the lack of toilets and sewerage systems has equally affected the atmosphere of the
school. The students complain to their teacher, but the teacher is helpless in this matter.

Furthermore, students are facing electricity problems. There is no fan working in the
single room nor there is any cold drinking water available for them. The students in the summer season hardly attend classes due to a lack of facilities.

Students who do not get the basic facilities in an educational institute how that
Students can further think about the creative changes that artificial intelligence brings. How that student can think about quality education if he or she is not getting a glass of water to drink in their school. Thus, it is a humble request to the Government that such issues should be considered.
The structural challenges should be solved, and more teachers should be provided to the school so that the students get proper education and an effective environment of learning.