Write to heal: Bakhtawar Rakhshani

Many of thrown this question to me why should I write whenever I tried to convince them for writing. On one hand, they are right because I too asked this question to my teacher when first he asked me to move my pen. However, when I start writing letters at the first, I felt like it is my responsibility to raise my voice whenever there is a need and I can perform it if I keep highlighting them through my pen.

The journey goes from letter to blogs and blogs to articles. Then I start penning down each thought which stuck my mind in the shape of a quotation, poem, or poetry.

Something that I always felt while writing has been the feeling of healing. After jotting down any piece, I felt like healing from inside. For me, writing is a way of conversation where thousands of people listening to you all alone.

It gives you authority to put your opinion, arguments, objections, and frustration on a piece and take out all the suppressed feelings.
So I ask you to write not for others but for yourself. Write to heal. Write to grow. Write to make yourself at peace.

An ESL instructor at the School of Intensive Teaching (SIT).
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