Social Issues in Pakistan: Syeda Nasra Shah

There are many social issues in Pakistan.The issues,which effect the major section of the society, have been discussed many-folds. In fact, because of these problems neither can a country advance nor can progress. Pakistan is an under-developed county that’s why facing many problems for instance; unemployment,women rights and low literacy rate.

Firstly, unemployment is a major problem almost in every country, but it has become a serious issue in pakistan. Originally, unemployment means lack of employment which is the root of darkness and misdeed. Unemployment is also lack of merit, due to which Pakistanis are going to foreign countries for jobs especially gulf countries. People have many needs and demands they need jobs to fulfill their demands and maintain their lives.

Therefore, unemployment compels people to go to these places where they in reality do not want to go. The pressure being jobless create such compulsion because of which many people commit suicide and take the wrong path which leads them committing crimes.

Secondly, women rights are not being given which is also a very depressing and black situation in pakistan. They do not have the due rights which are guaranteed by the constitution of Pakistan . Sometimes it can be seen women becoming subjected to domestic violence etc. In addition, marriages are performed against their will.

When one thinks about women empowerment than it should be kept it in mind that women are equal to men. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah said that,”no nation can rise to the height of glory unless women are side by side with you”. Mostly women are not allowed to go anywhere for getting education.why? Because women don’t keep equal rights with comparison of men. Furthermore, one can find very few women in jobs in Pakistan.

Finally, low literacy rate is also one of the major issues in Pakistan. Pakistan’s literacy rate was about 58 percent, but recently it has improved a bit . Now Pakistan’s literacy rate is about 65 percent, but it still needs further improvement.

No special policies have been initiated by the government for the improvement of literacy rate of the country. If one points out rich people then wealthy families enroll their children in private schools to provide quality education. While, poor families get their children admitted in government schools where the education is not satisfactory.

Surely, little efforts are being made by the government as education has been made free , uniforms and books are also free, but still there is not the same standard education as in private schools because of the curriculum .Education is not what it should be. It needs to be improved. Due to illiteracy and ignorance people are not able to avail the facilities which are provided by the government.

In conclusion, all the above social issues attract every country and society in the world. A society can successfully end social issues if they become adamant. The social issue act as a barrier to the development of a society. Thus, we all should become together to fight against this problem and finish it for our greater good.

Student of Matric from Hub City.