One-day training workshop on fake news and critical thinking conducted by CRSS at UOT: Abdul Razzaq Baloch

On 11th October 2021, one-day informative workshop training was conducted on fake news and critical thinking at the University of Turbat by the Center for Research and Security Studies (CRSS). Mr. Gohram Aslam and Tahir Rathore were the main representatives of this workshop and they have given their informative opinion to the students about fake news. Gohram Aslam has been conducting such capacity building event. It was an honor for me CRSS has given me an opportunity.

This workshop’s purpose was to provide awareness to the students about fake news and critical thinking and guide them that how to control the fake news that is being faced by the public on daily basis.
Fake news is one of the most discussed topics in political communication.

Fake news is false or misleading information presented as news in front of the public. It often has the aim of damaging the reputation of a person in front of the public.

Fake news has many bad impacts, fake news creates confusion and misunderstandings about important social and political issues. Furthermore, there are many fake stories related to media treatment and major diseases like cancer and etc. Trusting in these fake stories can lead the person to depression.

The purpose of the workshop was to control fake news. The workshop, which was conducted by the CRSS organization on fake news was very beneficial for us, because after attending the workshop now we know that what is fake and what is real? These kinds of workshops, programs, and festivals should be conducted more and more.

Because we know that Balochistan is a very backward province in the field of education and they don’t have awareness about such kinds of things. So, government and private organizations should conduct such kinds of programs because it is very important for Balochistant’s students that they must be aware of such kinds of things.

Furthermore, these programs will provide new and essential information to the students about this digital world.
The youth will learn a lot from such a program as the youth of Balochistan are completely isolated from the rest of the provinces or the center as there is no such information program.

The general youth has no information about what is happening in Balochistan under CPEC. Information can be exchanged through such sessions.

If we look at the time, the representatives of CPEC have completely failed to provide information about CPEC to the public about its usefulness, which is why there are negative trends among the people about CPEC. If CRSS releases such information sessions on a regular basis, they can yield positive results.

I was completely neutral in many things before this session but after attending this session I am getting more interested.
They should be a lecture about this fake news and they should be a lecture about other projects which are being in Balochistan and Pakistan too, like China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) which is under discussion for many years. Through the help of these programs, students can give more and more awareness to those who are not lecturing.