Child Marriage And Gender Inequality in Pakistani Society: Maria Mehak Joyo

Years and years have passed, but there has been no particular step towards the reduction of child marriage, and no one has acknowledged the bad consequences of child marriage due to illiteracy which only contributes to the depravity of children.

Thus, leading to the disfigurement of a healthy society. Nevertheless, the customs and traditions never miss a chance to be in action as well as girls became the victim of such hideous mass-produced cultures by society.

Moreover, the advent of modern education, technologies, and discoveries, unreservedly have altered the way of human thinking. it has immensely leveraged the standards of living. The anticipated rate for child marriage in the entire world is to be 14.2 million brides annually.

Meanwhile, the death ratio of under-aged married girls reported for not having a fully well-developed body to give birth. in addition, in rural areas, girls are reported to have 2 children before they hit puberty age. Consequently, the causes are more complex to be expounded on. Child marriage often compromises a girl’s development by early pregnancy and social isolation; thus, limiting opportunities for her career, interrupting her schooling life. Although, article 1 of the CRC (convention of the rights of the child) “any human being at the age of 18 is considered to be a child. The CRC has been ratified by 194 countries.
The government of those countries endorses this law yet their democracy runs
such practices.

Furthermore, the dictionary of reasons people often cram like a parrot is the traditions and customs not just that few of them support the early marriage of a girl for the name of “PROTECTION FROM SEXUAL VIOLENCE” but people have closed their eyes by the curtains of dignity in the society; yet, knowing UNICEF has reported that around 50,000 girls die during pregnancy mostly in low and middle-income countries, but sadly people have bounded themselves with such rigid convictions which make truths or facts obscure and surround them with less surveillance.

However, these notions annihilate the child’s life as it is prejudiced that they are sentenced to domestic violations as well as suffering from severe depression. Recent studies stated that till the age of 18 the reproductive organs of a female are undeveloped whereas the females below 15 are compelled to marry the old man.

Henceforward, to vanish the roots of this injustice, we need to conduct political lobbying to raise the minimum legal marriage age equally important to encourage females to participate in such programs were empowering a woman is subjected and to be aware of the dangers of early marriages by shaking out the literacy. At last, these evil practices will carry on but the NGOs, women departments, UNICEF and many other programs supporting females will soon control these all activities.

The writer is a student at SZABIST University Karachi. She can be reached at