Women empowerment: Tahira Sahar/ Urooj Mehmood

Women empowerment is empowering the women to take their own decisions for their personal development as well as social development.
Empowerment of women would mean encouraging women to be self-reliant independent, have positive self-esteem, generate confidence to face any difficult situation, and incite active participation in various socio-political development endeavors. In ancient times, women were treated very badly by family and society. They were not given education and were only restricted to doing household tasks, they were kept completely oblivious of their rights and development. Women make up half of the country so for making the country powerful, women’s empowerment is very necessary.

There are various ways in how one can empower women. The individual and government must both come together to make it happens.
Education for women must be made compulsory so that women can become literate to make a life for themselves. Women must be given equal opportunities in every filed, irrespective of gender. Moreover, they must also be given equal pay. We can also empower women by eliminating child marriages which are commonly conducted in village areas.

Most importantly, the shame of divorce and abuse must be thrown out of the window. Many women stay in an abusive relationships because of the fear of society. Parents must teach their daughters is it is okay to come home with a divorce rather than in a coffin.
Women empowerment in the truest sense will be achieved only when there is a change in society with regards to women’s fork and treat them with proper respect dignity, fairness, and equality.