If you cannot respect, don’t disrespect either: Sachan Zahid

In the world, there are so many issues which exist but are not highlighted. When it comes to highlighting those issues, then everyone hold hands in hands. The issues which, indeed, should be highlighted are wrapped in our societies. Later on, they become the reason of the downfall of our societies.

So, among the given issues, the most horrible issue is of rape which is occurring in every second in the world. This issue is somewhat highlighted but not totally disclosed to the public in common. Rape itself is an animation which is applied illegally and legally as well.

At very first comes illegal rape which is completing harassing someone without his or her wish and permission. Then comes the legal rape which is more practical than illegal rape. Legal rape is that when a girl is forced for sex and she is pressurized by family. Simply, when a girl is forced to marry someone who is disliked by her or is a stranger.

It is too hard for a girl when she marries someone who she is not familiar with and even not seen and known. And that night when he comes for the first time is the most difficult moment for a girl. This legal rape is practiced in silence and in closed rooms.

But, when we come to illegal rape, then the girl or boy is tortured and naked by the rapist. The sound of those tortured ones break the silence of complete world, but it is unfortunate that the world is deaf and blind. Everyone just becomes the viewer, but no one comes for helping. They are the viewers and when the girl or boy, who is abused or rapped, is blamed and shamed by those viewers that she or he is rapped and that they have nothing to do further. No one will respect him or her but I just want to clear that rape is not an adjective or a noun.

It is just the mercilessness of the rapists and those viewers. If you cannot help someone then kindly not hurdle their lives. It would be the biggest help ever done. And if you cannot respect someone then do not disrespect him or her either.