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The Mercy; A tale of unending sufferings: Sammi Aziz

Toni Morrison’s A Mercy is a literary composition that is entirely based on slavery, the slavery that didn’t have any restrictions on the base on race, colour, gender or ethnicity rather it has occupied humanity as whole. A Mercy was written in 2008, in which Morrison excellently portrays the true face of slavery in America.

Morrison throughout her characters authentically represents the slavery of 20th century in America that how the identity of humans has being taken away from them and they are treated as object without any existence of their own. The slaves brought from various places in America are objectified, suppressed, tortured and even raped by their masters. Their existence is mere a source of relaxation for their masters who take a lot of works from them and they are taken as commodity and, are even exchanged in order to fill the loans of their masters.

Morrison’s character portrayal of Florens, a young black girl and Lina, a native American, reflect the true face of slavery in early America and its impacts upon both white and black slaves. Florens was a little child of only 5 to 6 when was exchanged to someone else in places of his master’s loans.

Though she didn’t wanted to leave her mother but her mother herself offers her and this is what hits her hard throughout all her life as she was unaware of the actual purpose of her mother’s offer. However, at the last chapter of the novel her mother narrate the entire aim of offering her daughter to that master. She painfully narrate all the experience of her life as being a slave that how she had been treated mere an object.

She had been raped by numerous people that she does not even know that who is the father of her children. Ironically, all those people were brought to her by her master and, she as being her mother wanted to save her daughter from the evil eyes of her master. She state that “It wasn’t a miracle. Bestowed by God. It was a mercy. Offered by a human.” She offered her daughter to Jacob because he was looking at her as a child and not as an object, her was laughing in her childish. Therefore she considered it as a mercy that saves her daughter from going through the same as she herself has gone through.

Anyhow, throughout the character of Lina one can easily be familiar with the condition of slave that though they belong to someone but are still homeless. When their mistress is sick Lina became anxious as she know that if she die they would be homeless without any shelter and once again would be sold to someone else. They were deprived from any basic rights and didn’t even had the right to speak for themselves.

A Mercy reflects the situation of slaves and slavery in early America. It represents that how an individual’s identity is lost and she/he is just a commodity with no identity or existence of her own.