Says without fulfillment: Noman-ul-Asad

Continuous sit-ins in Gwadar protest since more than three weeks blossoms no fruits at all neither brought a clear-cut agreement between Government and deprived Baloch.The sign of hope stretches further in all directions and demands are still at freezing point.Various marches were made to Gwadar from divergent cities of the province but everything is pending.Chanting slogans and carrying banner for the support of their demands are let to go in vain by the Government.

PM has not pronunciate sentences omitting a single tweet about this protest and no implementations have been made yet except reassurances by the provincial government.However,some, among the listed demands like taking hold of bars in Gwadar and transferring of DC,Abdul kabeer Zarkoon,.No more serious result than that since today,the 29 days of continuous protests.

The main highlighted agenda includes, eviction of big fishing trawlers from the makran coast,elimination of unnecessary check posts of Frontier Crops(FC),Free Pak-Iran border trade allowance to every native,immediate release of confiscated pick-ups,etc.The sum of these asks is obvious and fair.

Bringing up incompetencies of incumbent government,recently the governor of Balochistan,Syed Zahoor Agha,issued a Criminal Law Balochistan Amendment Ordinance which implemented bans on rallies and sit-ins on national highways. Trespassers were ordered to be prosecuted with imprisonment of three or six months,and a fine of Rs 10,000.He violated the article 16 of the 1973 which grants to hold rallies,set meetings and democratic rights of protesting. Unfortunately he was not accountable for what he infringed.

A large number of women comprises of men had trickled down on streets with high slogans under the leadership of Molana Hidayat-ur-Rehman,the initiator of”give right to Balochistan”.There isn’t any results behalf of breaking out each agenda behind protest inviolatly in front of the world.

Officials had failed demonstrations with protestors.They twitted and minced more words than actions.Assurances are not reliable and full and transparent fulfillment of their demands is the end of the protest nothing anymore.

This protest may brust into a very critical phase of violation if fundamental rights are kept out of reach of Baloch. Collaboration is the high necessity between Government and protestors to curb the upcoming situation of Balochistan.