Five Day Training on case Management and psychosocial support in Quetta: Mahnoor Mustafa

(Women Development Department [WDD] with collaboration of Universal Nations Population Funds [UNFPA] and SPO conducted a Five Day Training on case Management and psychosocial support in Quetta to lessen gender-based violence in Pakistan)

A report reads, “A staggering 32 percent of women have experienced physical violence in Pakistan and 40 percent ever-married women have agonized from spousal abuse.” So in this Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the country should be free from gender-based violence as the Islam keeps a huge value and respect along with equal rights for both men and women, but in Pakistan, the case is different.

Because Pakistan is such a country where women are psychologically and mentally dejected all by dint of physical violence and they, too, are destitute of their fundamental rights. And women suffer the most from physical violence which is why diffident NGOs are working for the eradication and lessening of this heinous acts to fill the gap.
So, recently, a 5 day training was conducted on gender-based violence and case management along with psychosocial support in Quetta, the capital city of Balochistan, which was organized by “Women Development Department [WDD] with collaboration of Universal Nations Population Funds [UNFPA] and SPO. Their leading drive was to bring awareness among people about the gender-based violence in Pakistan and treating both genders equally. Strengthening participatory organization (SPO) for the staff of “GBV Helpline”.

The conducted training was very instructive because it gave a frame work to the participants that how a case should be managed and the steps of managing a case were debated. The most central thing for us was that it gave us a clear road-map that how a GBV survivor should deal with such scenarios when a women presents a case to them. For a helpline psychologist, this training was very edifying.

On the top of that, the training was not only covering the rudimentary things for dealing a gender-based violence survivors, but it also helped in increasing our knowledge by group discussions and team work. The trainer was a GBV consultant from Rozan organization.

Rozan is an Islamabad based NGO working on issues related to emotional and psychosocial, health, gender, violence against women or children and reproductive health of adolescents. I appreciate the efforts of Women Development Department and UNFPA along with SPO for running such an immense project which works for the GBV survivors and mental health.
Howbeit, in a country like Pakistan, the women undergo with suffering from violence and other domestic violence. Half of women are psychologically ill and mentally distressed. As in every new day, newspapers carry news of violence against women.

As we live in a male-dominated society which only creates scrapes for the woman. Owning to such patriarchal society Pakistan has been ranked as 164 out of 167 countries in term of violence against women which is of course food for thought. In such situations, running such projects is need for the hour. Secondly, the worst suffering from all suffering is mental suffering as such gender-based violence depresses and frustrates the women.

Considerably, the government of Pakistan has passed various laws to thwart violence but the implementation of the existing laws are invisible.

There are various barriers that are faced by the women in Pakistan. The provincial and federal government had better take notice on the issue of violence against women so that Pakistan remains a violence free country.

We, being the citizen of Pakistan, must be hand with hands to stimulate skill-based education and the government needs to furnish respects and rights to both genders equally. Secondly the government had better evaluate programs that address GBA and sexual and retrospective health needs.

The implementation of the established laws to prevent violence against women are enough if they are applied strongly in the country and secondly the skill-based education must be provided to every single citizen so that everyone takes part in the progress of the nation and annihilation of every form of evil or violence.

The women living in Pakistan are psychologically ill all because of the physical violence. Living in peace is the moral and constitutional rights for every being. So the women must be treated equally so they live in peace and prosperity.