The Youth Of Balochistan, Their Challenges And Way Forward: Prof Fazal Tanha Gharshin

Balochistan is opined to be the most backward province of Pakistan. It is mainly due to some inherent potential challenges prevalent in this domain, in which inadequate provision of quality education, sheer lack of adroitness and poor outlook of economic activities to the youth are some of them. Apart from those, this province enjoys some key abstracts or features, such as covering 43pc of the total land with a 6pc of total populace, generating 1.6pc of total revenue cum 8pc of the country’s GDP which materialize the fact that this region is not deficient in resources at all, rather it requires a thorough manipulating analysis which could highlight the issues and provide a good note for futuristic fronts.

It is for fact that Balochistan is a mineral-rich province of Pakistan which requires tech-savvy labourers and political prowess to unearth the resources for the sake of the development of the province. Despite having 771km-long coastline, two great canals, paradise-like valleys, towering mountains, deep ports and geographical boundaries with three countries, the youth of the province are suffering from energy crisis, food shortage and unemployment.

They have no tourist destinations, recreational resorts, play grounds, digital libraries and counselling centers as well. They neither have a central political leadership for proper guidance nor a big city equipped with all basic facilities of life for economic and educational activities, except Quetta.

The youth of the far-flung districts go to Quetta for higher studies, business activities, health purposes and official needs, which cost quite expensive for them.
The youth populace of Balochistan consists of students, farmers, labourers, fishermen and unemployed. The biggest problem of the educated youth is that they lack technical and vocational education. Business-concerned youth is facing energy crisis, inflation and insecurity.

The working class of the province is suffering from low wages and the lack of work-conducive environment at factories. Laymen bear the brunt of poverty and unemployment. Peasantry of the province faces the lack of modern agricultural technology, water scarcity and energy crisis.

Fishing and mining are the most neglected sectors of the province, which needs the urgent attention of the government. The recurrence of enforced disappearances in Balochistan and the closure of educational institutions in protests are major human crises. Similarly, the closure of Iranian and Afghan borders due to various regional security reasons is also a huge economic loss for the youth of the province. However, every citizen of the province has fed up with unbridled corruption, unholy nepotism and the growing sense of insecurity.

On the other hand, half of the population of Balochistan consists of women. Due to deep-rooted tribal mores; strict religious beliefs; and social misogynistic behaviours; they have no easy access to health care and education. They need political inclusion, economic equality, social coexistence and state patronage, so that they could use their creative ideas, literary views and technical skills for the sake of provincial development.

In fact, illiteracy, unemployment, poverty and gender apartheid breed crimes and problems. In the era of fifth hybrid warfare, only an unemployed and uneducated youth falls prey to wrong hands, which may prove a threat to the peace of the whole province. However, solution to the problems lies in adopting democratic attitudes, inclusive economic approach and giving priority to the youth.

Students of the province should be equipped with more and more scholarships, education-friendly environment and financial aids. The government of Balochistan should establish university campuses and digital libraries in all districts of the province.
In order to solve the problems of the youth, the government of Balochistan should upgrade other cities of the province in line with Quetta, and provide them with all basic facilities of modern life.

Similarly, C-PEC can play an important role in the development of Balochistan, provided the youth is educated and skilled. To end the deteriorating condition of Balochistan, the youth is needed to be educated and skilled for boosting its blue economy and agriculture in best manner.
Indeed, we also have the responsibility to make use of the existing facilities. The youth of the province should consider their ethnic and linguistic diversities as the blessing of God, and play their due role in the construction of the province. Students unions must work for the development of Balochistan, rather than becoming cat’s paw for others. They ought to avail themselves of online learning facility.

Prosperous and successful future of the youth of Balochistan lies in availing green energy, micro finance, freelancing, entrepreneurship and E-business. The youth of the province should educate their sisters also because they make whole the province educated.

In the end, there is no problem-free place on the earth to live in. Escaping from problems is not wisdom. wiser are those who have the ability to change problems into opportunities. Those who face problems, will succeed in life.