Agriculture at risk: Maryam Baqi

The agriculture sector plays a crucial role in building up the economy of the Pakistan. Several South Asian Countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and India are agricultural economies. Pakistan, on the other hand, despite being an agricultural economy, pays no fruitful attention to this sector.

As pests attack on our crops regularly, pesticides exploit the quality of the yield and the genetic potentials of the crops. According to reports, the massive usage of the pesticides has led the world to a lose of the one third of the crop production.

Pesticides are substances that control the variety of pests and weeds invading the agriculture crop. The usage of pesticides in Pakistan started years ago in 1954 and is currently on the rise.

According to a recent study 88.3 per cent of the pesticides are being applied in Punjab, 8.2 per cent in Sindh and 2.8 percent in KPK and Balochistan.

It has threatened both the humans and their environmental health. Annually above 50,000 of Pakistanis suffer from agri-chemical poisons, out of which 10,000 lose their lives.

Although the usage of pesticides in Pakistan is not higher than the other Asian countries, but the misuse of pesticides is common which threats human health and causes environmental problems. Additionally, farmers do not have much knowledge about pesticides and consider them a medicine rather than a source of poison.

They apply pesticides on calendar basis without knowing about crops’ condition, natural enemies and the population of pests. All the impacts are caused by the improper usage of pesticides against pests which seems a massive problem to our economy. Our country is highly depended on the agriculture sector, such issues destroy our economy and source of income for many families.

Hence, it is a request to the concerned authorities to have a glance for the education of the farmers about the usage of pesticides which is leading towards a very disaster. As soon as we look to giving proper guidelines, our economy can go as better the soonest.