LEPS; The beacon of Knowledge: Shahzaib Arz Baloch

It is an uncovered fact that the LEPS has changed the lives of hundreds of people and no doubt will change further. LEPS was established on 17,August, 2017. The Founder of this admirable academy is Meer Liquat Ali who erected LEPS institute.

Earlier, at the beginning, this academic accommodated good and quality education and today it is offering practical evidences of quality education and due to this it is acceded the best academy of Turbat, Balochistan where hundreds of students are flying above the sky like birds and have touched the top of the mountains.

There is no denying the fact that LEPS claims to be an ideal academy that has given to Baloch students a successful and a knowledgeable life.

Director Mir Akbar Ali , Mir Mehrab Taj and many other teachers are using their intellectual power to this educational academy and today it has reached to a very splendid place. Our entire life can be inept to thank all the teachers due to whom we have stood on our own feet.

However, LEPS has produced male and female authors such as: Shahzaib Arz, Aurangzeb Nadir, Hajira Rafique and others whose write-ups have been published in national and international newspapers. Ironically, in the same manner the students of the LEPS write, and teachers teach a lot of things through which students can develop their writing skills and express their skills.

Furthermore, LEPS appearances similar students a good and a positive way who can never let the teachers to be down. When students go to a great college or at a University LEPS prepares the students for it so that they can make great progress.

Without the help of LEPS, it would be extremely difficult and complicated for the students to be developed. Today many of the students are engineers and doctors because of it and due to the dedication and hard work of Sir Liquat Ali, Sir Ali Akbar and Sir Mehrab Taj the settlers of Turbat hope for more success and prosperity.

The writer is a Teacher at LEPS.