Pasni Won: Gul Bano Baloch

Books are not only collections of sheet of papers but collection of thoughts and comforting words. Books are the only thing that show you the right path and that is why ALLAH sent the Holy book Quran for Muslims to guide them and show the accurate way of leading a successful life.

Books are useful for the cognitive mental stimulation and brain exercising, books help you out to relief stress and tension and they are helpful to avoid depression and Dysthymia also books help in memory improvement and make the focusing power better and stronger.

Pasni is a medium sized town and a fishing port in Gwadar Balochistan. It has a population of around 33.000. The city is located in Makran coast on Arabian sea about 300 km from Karachi city. Pasni is a backward area without having any proper education system. The people of Pasni are eager to have knowledge, to be educated, to serve in the modern world and to have well-known positions in future life but our Government seems to be in a deep sleep or you can say that our Government is incompetent administratively as it is not able proper education to the people of Pasni that is one of the basic rights of every citizen.

Pasni is the headquarter of the Pasni sub-division of Gwadar district that comprehend Pasni and Ormara Tehsil as well as Astola Island which lies 40 km ESE of Pasni in the Arabian sea. Administratively Pasni is sub-divided into two union councils.
Pasni boys degree college held a program of two days book fair. First day was for males and second day was for females only. Almost 2000 books were sold at the first day with full concession (50% discount) where people found their favorite and interested books. Interestingly, on the next day of book fair when it was the day of females more than 3000 books were sold that day. Additionally, females of Pasni they seems to be thirsty for reading books as since long they have not seen such kind of book fair where thousands of books were kept. The smile and happiness on their face showed that they have a honest love with books. Females of Pasni are very talented they are not only good readers but also great Artists.

Pasni is the land that gave birth to the poets, writers, musicians and Artists like, Mubarak Qazi, Munir Momin, Meer Umer Meer, Noor khan Bezanjo who gave energy to young musicians and his soulful voice is still roaming around the globe.

However, in Pasni there does not exist any functionalize university neither any other institution. The students of Pasni are supporting and pulling themselves toward the bright future by their own talent not by the Government. The talent of the youth of Pasni cannot be found any where in this country. Today I can proudly say that yes readers are still alive as I was the youth of Pasni craving for books. In this two days book fair program the publishers were out of province they were not from pasni beacuse Pasni is a dry tree and it needs books to become green. The publishers were ( ilm o adab ) from karachi, ( Qandeel kitab jah pishukan) from Gwadar, (Ottak) from Makran.

In this book fair there were paintings as well, the paintings were of great personalities, poets, intellctual, artist as well as singers and all the paintings were sold in that two days program.
Nevertheless, when we listen the name of a female we directly imagine that she is sitting in a four corner room, doing domestic work and taking care of children. Actually, that is often thought by most of the people of our surrounding that female are just born to be in a boundary or some even believe that females are born for fashion. People usually say that females are less hard working as compare to males but the females of Pasni broke all the stereotypes and proved that they are not less than any men rather they are even higher than them.

In addition, women rights are very significant for each and every individual around the world. The rights of women not only benefit women but these are beneficial of each of the of the members of society. When women get equal rights, when they are allowed to read and know more and more about the world, the world wil progress in a better and greater way with the equal efforts of both male and female.
Women rights are important as it gives women the opportunity to get an education and earn in life. It makes them independent which is essential for every woman on earth. Thus, we must all make sure women rights are implemented everywhere and especially the women are allowed to read and write.

It is essential to raise our voice for our society and for the ones who want to contribute for its betterment whether they are male or female. It was obvious form that two days book fair of Pasni that the female of Pasni are always ready to face challenges of life and they are always there to learn about new things and increase their knowledge about what is happening around them. Their love for books was itself a prove that they are prepared to have more and more knowledge.
Books are the things which let you travel without moving your feet. That is why George R.R Martin said:

“A readers lives a thousand lives before he dies”