Who Was Chakar-i-Azam?: Parvez Moula Bakhsh

The strength of a nation depends upon its people. A nation develops and makes history when its people struggle and gain recognition in the world. A person, a leader, represents his nation that is what we all need to know if we talk about the strength and power of a nation.

As a nation, there were and are leaders who uplifted and are diversely contributing to strengthen and empower the Baloch nation as well as the Baloch leaders had always been working to make our nation, the Baloch nation, everlasting and praiseworthy.

This piece of writing is to recall the leaders who struggled to strengthen the Baloch nation. Since there is a large list of the Baloch leaders in history, I think one article can not be enough to remember the contribution of these highly respected and legendary personalities belonging to the Baloch nation.

First of all, I am, wholeheartedly, sorry if the sequence of the Baloch leaders is inappropriate. To add more and clarify, I just want to add that I have been doing research, watching podcasts, interviews about the Baloch, and also reading a bunch of PDF books which I downloaded from Google (wikipedia). So, hope whatever you read this article will be wrong and unsatisfactory.

Chakar-i-Azam (1468–1565)

Chakar Khan Rind who is also known as Chakar-i-Azam or The Great Chakar was born in 1468 in Aashaal Kolwa, Balochistan. He was the first chief of the renowned Rind Tribe now Sardar Yar Muhammad Rind is the chief of it. Chakar The Great is also considered a folk hero of the Baloch people and a very essential figure in the Baloch epic of Hani and Shey Mureed.

Before you go so far, I just want to clarify that most people know about the legendary as well as we all have heard about The Great Chakar-i-Azam but this piece of writing is a reminder and a tribute to The Great Chakar Khan. This is also to encourage the people to take a glimpse into the history of the Baloch nation as well as to let people learn about the greatest leaders in the history of the Baloch nation.

Without going so far, let me finish up the first article from the collection of “The Baloch Leaders” by some important factors about Mir Chakar-i-Azam that he is the son of oldest first ruler of the Baloch nation, Mir Jalal Khan. Chakar The Great is the first man who is called “The Great” in history. This praiseworthy personality died in 1565 at the age of  97.

To learn to know more about the above talked about personality, question google and get answers that is what I did in my article when I wanted to add and learn more. However, you can also come to know about him by reading Books written on him as though Mir Chakar Khan Rind, and other books on Baloch leaders.

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