Essence of books in the modern world: Nazeenk kurshed

Books are essential for us. They play a vital role in our mental growth, logic and reasoning. In fact, they are considered as an ocean of knowledge, which can help people to get a lot of information about the world. Besides these, they are the best companions of men because they guide the men in every walk of life. They can make a huge difference in one’s life. By the dint of these books, we can travel the entire world. They guide us to come on the right path of success.

There are certain books which entertain and shape our personalities. They change us internally – with consequences externally – by providing us new and exceptional thoughts which can prove beneficial for the dynamics in our lives personally and collectively. Through books, we can gain freedom from negative and bad thoughts. They relax a reader’s body and mind.

Besides this, the books give us satisfaction, contentment and happiness with the wave of thoughts they lead us to. In fact, they help us in replacing the dust and dirt in our mind with a different world of imaginations, which enhances the worth of the books.

There are multiple types of books such as story books, comics, poems, religious books, novels, general books, informative books, motivational books, autobiography and so forth. The short story books narrate multifold stories in a short span of time. Comic books contain stories related to comics which are mostly referred for children. Fictional books entertain the readers: every book contains a different theme while the poems amuse the readers.

The novels are long and deep stories which can be basee on love stories, general stories, fictional and non-fictional stories. The general books contain the general information, while the motivational books embolden, encourage and motivate the readers: by reading motivational books, the readers get inspired.

On the other hand, there are certain disadvantages of not reading books. If we do not read books, we will not be that effective of a person or a student considering the modern and globalized world. We cannot even participate in fruitful discussions when we have nothing inside us. Nevertheless, we will never understand the reason behind our existence if we are far from reading books.

Eventually, the books will always guide us throughout our life. They have always helped, and will help, us to get in touch with the entire world. The books help us travel the whole universe. Because of these books, our eyes are opened, our mind is full of fruitful thoughts and knowledge about everything. Thus, reading books play an essential role in a person’s life.