Commercialization of Education: Sammi Aziz

Education is something that prepare a better version of you with each passing days.
It builds up your personality and the way you look at the world. Education is one of
the basic rights of each and every individual according to the constitution of our country yet we are incapable to provide quality education to the children. Although
we have a great number of schools, plenty of teaching staff and the reforms like
monitoring system and management committees still the quality education is
rarely found in our country.

Additionally, we are getting a poorly education quality in both public and private
schools. A large number of parents having the dream of quality education for their
children send them to private schools even by cutting off other vital expenses ironically the system is alike in both sectors.

The major focus of our education
system is to make the students prepared for the tests and exams rather than making them prepare for life. Nevertheless, when it comes to the public schools even they are underfunded by the government but most of the funds goes to pockets of our bureaucrats or education ministers instead of being used in a proper way to provide quality education to the youth.

Even if a little amount of those funds are used in education sector that is spent only on the infrastructure of schools like building, boundary walls or washrooms but the provisioning of quality education is never the matter of our bureaucrats to be discussed or take action on.

However, the private schools of country have the same attitude when it comes to
provision of quality education. Though they take high amount of fees from the parents still they are not able to initiate a system where quality education is being provided. Despite of taking a large amount of money they make a lot of students set in one class sometimes even more than thirty.

It does not only effect the learnings of children but it effects them physical and mental health both. It mostly happens from the basic classes that is the initial stage of the children to be familiar with what they are learning but in our schools they are more concern with other issues of classroom rather than focusing on the lectures.

Lastly, our education system needs to come out from making money for themselves
and should focus on the future of our nation. Both public and private schools have to ensure the provision of quality education for the youth by providing quality teachers and by making the environment of schools better, safer and flourished that should be able to provide quality.