My Plea Against The Tale of Lies: Imran Baloch

Nowadays, everyone from all walks of life is willing to become an expert in career counseling. The main cause of having such a wish is to motivate Baloch students, especially, those who are affiliated with student politics as per their desire. It seems like they are looking at things randomly.

if I am not wrong, an expert can share his/ her expertise in a specific field or any profession, sharing some gained knowledge about a relevant field then that person can be called a consultant for career counseling. So far I have perceived the issues related to the Baloch youth such as skimming, writing, and making a bright future through education, political stability, and peace are essential elements for getting meaningful results.

Truly, such issues have also been discussed in the book ” Why Nations Fail” in a comprehensive and researched base manner. Besides, knowing the true meaning of career counseling and having no experience in any relevant field, and claiming to be a counselor for careers of others won’t be a good choice. So, I would like to differ from such dictatorial behavior by indicating here that let the truth may prevail.

Moreover, having full information about any such process is a very must that how extensively the matter has been identified. As an aggregate, the Baloch nation and those who are residing here in Balochistan are dealing with a kind of continuous torture, anxiety, and depression. Similarly, our students wholly are the main victims besides affected families of the Baloch missing persons.

There is a reason behind such sensitivity apart from this after the unjustified and unconstitutional assassination of Shaheed Nawab Akber Khan Bugti. The political issues that erupted in Balochistan have left very adverse consequences on Baloch Nation, particularly on Baloch women and gross families of Baloch missing persons. last but not least Baloch youth and those who are admitted to different educational institutions in Punjab and Islamabad are being scrutinized, victimized, pursued, and heeded by all standards in the above-mentioned regions.

How somebody can withhold this reality that has been conceded by the Chief Justice of Islamabad High court even if they don’t have the treaty to privacy. It is revealed that anybody using the name scrutiny can penetrate the rooms of these students. furthermore, they can take away their mobiles not only this but also can ask students to visit them which is solely uncalled for.

In addition to this, our youth can’t listen to Balochi and Bravhi songs if it’s related to cherishing just because of fear of being subjugated by such songs too. more preferably after transpiring all these elements does anybody has a satisfactory answer to this all? Apart from that, Hafeez Baloch who was peering at ” QU ” in Islamabad, an M.phl scholar in physics, now who dares to motivate him? And what else remains for stimulating him towards books or education? In the same way, Deen Muhammad Baloch who belongs to a very noble profession, an MBBS doctor, steadily the same night when he was picked up by some unknown persons at the same time he was stationed at his duty location. It has been thirteen years now since his kidnapping and his elder daughter who that time was a little girl and now she is a student at a university in media and journalism.

same as his younger daughter is reading the degree of physiology. There are so many awful cases like the lawsuit of Nargis Fayaz who holds up the degree of the master but unfortunately, she runs hither and thither for the safe comeback of her missing husband.
For the most part, every Baloch is going through such troubles.

What is happening with the families of Baloch missing persons is morally an infraction of articles 9/ 10/ 10A and 34 of the Constitution, because rather than being at home and living a normal Life the families of the missing person spend their days in front of press clubs for their beloved ones.

The baby boy of Nargis Fayaz who is Rarely seven months abandoned has seen expositions, roadblocks, and courts instead of seeing the lap of his parents. similarly, the kids of Zahid Kurd are growing in front of press clubs while flinching for the recovery of their father who has gone missing for the last eight years.

In addition to this, what do we expect from the affected families of missing persons? How we can simplify them as they are already commissioned in different educational foundations.

In my experience, it would be adequate to admit the certainty that today’s generation is much more aware of the issues and well educated than previous generations. Hence, we are not able to comprehend their grief but can help them by contributing to them a peaceful atmosphere.