Books are the souls of mind: Zumra Zahid

Books are considered the most worthy and essential tools in which one finds the actual philosophy of learning by evaluating different writers’ perspectives, experiences, and knowledge with relevant criticism and arguments.

Similarly, the pleasure and knowledge gained from different books would enrich one’s mental growth to think critically, understand analytically, and act intellectually with rebutting another’s ideas logically.

Reading books strengthens one’s creativity and sharpness in several ways than one ponders about. The authentic and knowledge-based books of different writers give an appropriate road-map to the readers to move on the right paths for accomplishing the futuristic visions and the goals of one’s life.

Books are known as the ocean of knowledge, consisting different ideas related to religious beliefs, scientific researches, historical events and facts, social, political and cultural norms and etc. The readers paint a picture in their brains while reading the perspectives and experiences of different authors.

One needs to be enthusiastic in reading different books which would improve one’s intellectual development and impart the essence of maturity and have a wider perspective in the field of critically analysing one’s ideas. However, the philosophy of reading books differs to a person’s own psyche whether what kind of a book gives pleasures and interests to the readers. As an individual’s actions and emotions indicate that what his/her actual interest is about.

Although the books are to be given much value and the highest rink or status. Because they strengthen our knowledge, imagination, perceptions and argumentation. Always remember that effective writers are avid readers and they are eager enough to read new books to increase their knowledge and ideas. They choose that book which attracts their brain, and gives satisfaction to the souls.

There exists several informative books based on history, philosophy, religion, science, biography, travel and etc that do not only provide us awareness about the specific thing but also makes one think relationally and criticize logically with having valid knowledge and information.

Apart from it, reading poetry also holds the immense importance, for the best poetry gives us noble thoughts and beautiful imagination that is clothed in lovely language.

So books are our everlasting friends. They stay with us in entire life, in babyhood tales to our teen ages; we shallow exciting suspense novels. We still find gripping books that absorb us.

Nevertheless, there are people who get pleasures from reading books and believe that books will never disappear from their lives. They feel that certain books teach and guide them what is right and what is wrong; they enrich the inner world of a reader and certainly entertain him/her.

Reading is a rend that is slowly diminishing as media which seems more attractive in its place. Numerous people prefer to watch TV or spend time by using internet instead of reading books presently. When we read books, we entirely immerse into it and try to conjure the characters that we own.
As the books contain grain of wisdom. They give us sound moral advice and teach us what is the actualization and falsehood.

Conclusively, books are veritable treasure, you can never be lonely in the company of good books. Reading is such an amazing habit that deepens on you to delve into it and the more you are drawn into it; you get pleasures and solace. Books not only entertain us, but also provide valuable knowledge, sharpen our intellect and imaginations as well enhance our thinking level. So there is no shame in learning, holding a book of your own interest improves and shapes your brain to think critically, and argument logically.