My experience with CRSS’s training workshop: Gulnaz Dilmurad

Among seven young journalists from different regions like Turbat, Gwadar, Pasni, Quetta, and Karachi, I got an opportunity to participate in a training workshop by the Center for Research and Security Studies in Islamabad.

Basically, it was my first time attending their training workshop and I am extremely happy because it taught me some new ideas about journalism. Other than that, the workshop, which was held on August 7–8, 2022, was based on four sessions, and was absolutely incredible. The experienced journalists namely Mr. Zaigham Khan, Mr. Amir Ilyas, Mr. Sabookh Syed, and Ms. Fozia Rana trained the young journalists and gave them advice on journalism.

Mr. Zaigham Khan spoke about responsible journalism and how to be objective and informative. I think that when someone enters the field of journalism, they must make a commitment to being objective and concentrating on things that are informative rather than sharing or reporting pointless stuff. Find the most useful information that the audience needs to know. Furthermore, we were told about fake News and motivated news and Mr. Amir Ilyas Rana (from DAWN) shared how we can reduce the space for fake news and motivated news. Remember that the audiences sitting at home may not know about the whole story or the story itself personally.

They believe whatever the media informs them of. Who knows how much of the daily information we receive from various social media platforms is accurate or not. A journalist’s obligation is to be aware of how their reporting or sharing of any topic may affect the audience. When reporting on a matter, a journalist needs conduct some research on the subject and contact to locals who can assist them in finding the real story. Before sharing, the reports must collect important details about the subject. Mr. Sabookh Syed is an amazing media trainer he shared about the role of journalism for promoting collective peace and development. it was an amazing session. He discussed how media groups are busy with political issues more than other issues. And that is undeniable.

We can notice that only two area are most discussed on media that politics showbiz industry. The example of such news are Mehwish Hayat’s lost sandals and when Maryam used markor umbrella in public.

Ms. Fozia Rana discussed about the War of Narratives: how Western media distorts and twists facts against rivals like China, Russia and Pakistan? During her session we discuss about additional topics during the session where Asian and Western media each have a different perspective on the same issue.

Overall, we were able to learn more about the journalism industry and our responsibilities as young journalists. The training was not only informative, but the given learning materials were also very helpful. The team was excellent, and I appreciate their efforts for organizing such a remarkable training workshop; I really enjoyed that and learned a lot from that as well. Additionally, the other participants were exceptionally nice and talented. I believe working with intellectual people will also bring positive change in you. And I felt that deeply.

I look forward for attending more training sessions with the Center for Research and Security Studies, (CRSS) if possible. Because I believe such training workshops are very useful for young writers and journalists to understand report writing for Newspaper and News channels.