Center For Research And Security Studies: Mahikan Rind


Being Baluchistan’s journalist and chosen to portray the country’s journalism within CRSS (Center For Research and Security Studies) dated August 7th 2022, lead us towards Islamabad where we documented the assigned works and further gathered notes on how to manage journalism in a way that benefited the entire nation and specified news as per related facts and data so accurate that none could question it in future. Started at the office of CRSS Islamabad, the conference initially begun with Sir Zaigham Khan (Graduated with anthropology in the University of London) who gave associated with facts and journalism throughout the past decades; further enlightened Balochistan’s new comers with analysis of the bright side of journalism. However, Mr Zaigham too brought several facts such as objectivity in Journalism held more value than any other subjective opinion in one’s realm of thoughts. Open to questions, the discussion carried on until the end whereas liberals of new ideas and thoughts, journalism was brought into true essences of wisdom.

Mr. Amir Ilyas Rana ( Bureau Chief at Express News) proceeded with different and new specifications of what had to been if certain situations in places like Balochistan took over at times. He outlined the facts and trueness in a good journalist and entitled facts as the information that could never go wrong at one’s side. Linked with his own experiences, he stated further that we (The journalists of different cities and districts of Balochistan ) as those who’re so indulged into news everywhere, had paths to the truth that we needed to bring into life through journalism. Big on its own, the discussion wrapped up with brilliancy and new ways of looking at jotting down a word of information.

The second day of the conference began with enthusiastic development into thinking and an ever-ready team of welcoming new information with Mr. Sabookh Syed (mainly known for hosting PTV news and being a social affair journalist) enlightened us with mechanism against false journalism and information that existed as the biggest barriers at the paths of a Journalist in action. Many a time (he said) a journalist confronts situations that he sees through others perspectives and opinions and then being a one side bearer of facts, he brings them into life that he is held accountable for the rest of his days. He simplified his statement by examples of different information which the journalists had carried without confirmation at the both sides of the picture. This according to him was the obstacles, several people faced because of one misconception of a news. News as for him was the most sensitive existence that brings out a chaos if gone the other way and a journalist ( as the carrier of that information ) is the only object to bring it into trueness. Thus, he summarized the intellectuality and passed it to Miss. Fouzia Kulsoom Rana (who works with Aaj Tv as an associate producer)

Learning everything, we only needed to bring them into action as an outlined plan of how to use the collection of objective information and objectivity into facts and analysis of the truth. We gathered and put down the immovable issues that needed mobility in provinces like Balochistan. Being a support of correcting us at an instance, Ms. Fouzia Rana was there to bring changes into what we have learnt and in a better way of understanding them.

Thus, this was a wrap up of so many things in our favour as young journalists of our time, we had not only learnt what actual data meant as a beneficiary to the world, but also how that data would help us in sorting out problems at giant masses. Important in its own ways, we found out through researching elites and expert journalists of their times about what journalism had done to the world as a pillar of news and concerns and how would we in future benefit the mass into becoming a source of facts and data. This conclusion further became an information of choice and a guidance to us.