Month: November 2020


Out-of-school children in Pakistan: Hammal Naeem

How come a country with 22 million out of school children can be considered a successful one? Pakistan’s education system is getting worst with time, instead of getting developed. School buildings are in dilapidated conditions; unavailability of basic facilities as…


The disparity in Capitalism: Sanaullah Jamali

Women are being deprived of their rights in one or another. Even in so-called modern countries such as the America, where no woman has become president yet; imagine how life would be for them in third world countries such as…


جدلیاتی مادیتءِعلمءِلیکہ: اردو: علی عباس جلالپوری/ بلوچی: واھگ بلوچ

جدلیاتی مادیتءِردا، مادہ چہ سنچءَپیسر انت۔ سسا ءُسنچ مادہءِ، بزانکہ سرءِ مازگانی، صفت انت۔ سرءِ مازگاں چہ ڈَن، اشانا وتی ہچ وڑیں ہستی نیست انت۔ انسانءِ سسا چہ جانورانی سساءَبازدیماتر انت پرچہ کہ انسانءَتجریدی فکرءِبودمان انت۔پہ درور جانوراے گپءَزانت انت…